Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ready for Adoption!

The Benders are ready to meet you!  They should be at PAWS Cat City by mid-afternoon today if you want to stop by and say hello or to take some home!  Please contact Cat City first to make sure the kittens are there, just in case there are delays.

You could be going home with Zuko, who is the first to run after a toy but also the first to jump onto a lap...

Azzy, who has the absolute cutest meow and noises we've ever heard...

Momo, one of the sweetest kittens ever...

Fun, outgoing Appa...

adorable, loving Iroh...

or the super cool Ozai!


  1. Hey Aggie.

    I picked Ozai (Tristan) up from PAWS on Wednesday and he's doing great. My students at church love him - he's quite the celebrity! I'm taking him in for his first check up today with his vet. He's exactly what I was looking for! He really is a perfect kitten.

    It's clear that you guys did a great job raising him over the last month, so thanks for making my job easier. He's a real sweetheart. I sent you a friend request on Facebook, so if you want to add me, you can stay updated with him, as I'll be posting photos and videos regularly. Thanks for all the great photos of him last month - it was awesome to get to watch him grow up on this blog.

    Take care.

  2. That's great Adam! So happy that you found your perfect kitten match. What's weird is that if we didn't decide to name them all after Airbender characters Tristan was one of the names I considered for Ozai! He is TOO adorable and I think he'll grow up to be a very handsome cat!