Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Lion is Growing into a... Kitten?

Iroh is such a lover.  If we didn't decide on naming them all after Airbender, he would definitely have been named Romeo or Casanova.  He constantly paddles over to sit on my neck/shoulder, and whenever I pet him he immediately purrs and licks my hand.  He'll also mew for attention when I'm playing with other kittens and is super happy when I pick him up and hold him.

What's weird though, is that he doesn't really look lion-y anymore!

He went from this

to this

to this adorable little thing!

I had to check all the kittens to make sure I didn't mix them up - the transformation is so dramatic!  It's like he went on one of those makeover shows and said "help, I need to look more kitten-y!"

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