Friday, March 25, 2011

Voilà Les Petits Frères!

This blog is about to explode with cuteness.  We got 3 3-DAYS old kittens on wednesday.  I didn't want to have them outside their comfy area any longer than necessary, so the photos are not of great quality - I just snapped really quick shots of them as Jon was putting them back in the warm crate.  But I think everyone will agree their massive cuteness shines through!

The babies are so tiny that we're calling them the Petits.  We just named them today as we felt we've gotten to see a little bit of their personality.  However, they might have a name change if we find out some are actually girls - they're too young for the vet to determine whether they're male or female - but I'm betting they're all boys.

This is Dash, my little orange tabby - he reminds us SO much of Tigger (even the way he feeds - they're both squirmy at first and then once they're guzzling they continuously bat at the bottle) that we thought of naming him Tiggly or something, but he's shown us he is Dash.

Marcel, who is the poopiest :)

and Jasper, who has completely stolen my heart.

snuggled inside the warm crate

Also, please send us your good wishes and include the Petits in your prayers - it can be tough for these tiny babies and they ALL need to grow up healthy and strong!

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