Thursday, February 3, 2011

Meet Ozai!

The next 4 kittens are soo small.  It's hard to believe they're the same age as Zuko and Azula.  They look around 5 weeks old, and at first all they did was stick together in the crate.  But in only a couple days they've become much more energetic, their furs have become softer and silkier, and they now act really sweet and affectionate with us, filling our place with endless purrs and snuggles. 

Here's the first of the 4 teeny tabby boys - he's the easiest to recognize from any angle as he has really bold stripes and is a little more brown than the rest.  Isn't he super adorable??


  1. Will you be taking them to Cat City? And if so, when? Thanks.

  2. I'll be taking them in for a check-up and weigh-in this weekend, so I'll post about that afterwards.. and yes, they will be going to Cat City :)

  3. Do you know exactly when you will take this one into Cat City so that I know when to go in and adopt him? I've been looking for one exactly like him since early January and there aren't a lot of kittens born in the winter. I've got a couple questions about him. You can email me here: