Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Choo Twins

We had to say goodbye to the Benders (boo!) but they all found loving homes quickly (yay!).  If anyone who adopted them reads this blog we would love to hear updates/see photos of them grow up!

On to our new residents - the Choos!  They're the oldest kittens we've ever fostered, coming in at 3 months.  They currently have kitty colds so we're taking care of them for a couple weeks until they're ready for adoption.  We immediately noticed their back paws were white and thought of heels, so Jon asked me to name shoe designers until we came up with names that suited them.  They totally look like twins, except Enzo is a bit bigger and has orange eyes, while Nolo is smaller and has yellow eyes.  They're also a lot alike - very sociable, love to play, love humans, and actually like water!  They love watching running water and even like getting splashed.  And they're also super purry - touch them and purring commences.

Nolo is seriously the most aggressively affectionate cat I've ever met in my life.  I volunteer at Cat City and have met many super friendly cats who love to hug and cuddle, but Nolo takes it to another level!  Jon and I literally cannot sit down without him jumping on us, putting his paws on our chests/neck and purring away, all while kissing and licking.  And when we're standing or walking he'll follow us around, meows, and rubs against us to get us to pick him up.  The only time he leaves us is when he wants to play with Enzo or we distract him with toys, which he has a lot of fun with.  And the boy can JUMP!

Enzo, on the other hand, is a little more mellow.  He comes and sits on our legs or laps sometimes but his favorite place is a high perch in the living room.  He loves to lay on his side or back, while doing dog-like tricks to amuse us.  We really need to start taking videos of these kittens!

Showing some brotherly love

The white "heels" which inspired the names

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