Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weigh-in Update

The kittens had a busy day today, we took them into PAWS to get vaccinated and weighed.  They had a little accident on the way over but Rebecca quickly got them all bathed and prettified.  Appa got to meet some kids who were there for an educational session, and they all got to hold him, aww!

Jon and I were shocked to see that Azula (or Azzy, as we call her) only weighed 2.4 pounds, which is the same weight as Zuko.  The little tabbies weighed in at around 1.5 lbs, so for those of you eager to adopt them unfortunately you'll have to wait at least another 2 weeks, but the good news is that they'll still be with us which means a lot more photo moments!

Here's a comparison of Azzy and Ozai - they're kind of camouflaged in the blanket but isn't it a huge difference?  

More sleeping after their road trip

Close up of Ozai's adorable sleeping face

Good night lovelies!

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