Monday, July 25, 2011

Our First Pets!

So after about 20 foster kittens, we finally decided to adopt one (err.. 2)!  We've been so lucky because we've had such amazing kittens pass through and enrich our lives, and we've definitely wanted to adopt in the past, but it was never the right time and we never agreed on which one!  

Surprisingly we're both head over heels in love with these 2 kittens, they truly are PURRfect (such a cheesy saying, but so fitting) for us.  We didn't really plan on adopting when we first took in the Dolci's, but these little girls snatched our hearts and never let go.

the uniquely beautiful Kiwi

and the unbelievably adorable Cara

sweetest things ever!

The only cloud in our happy skies is that we won't be able to take in more baby kittens in the immediate future.  We love bottle feeders and will terribly miss having 4-week-old littlies wobbling around.  But we definitely plan on fostering again someday!


  1. YEAH!! We love "foster failures". It has happened here too. And you may be surprised how quickly you get back to fostering. :) Concats on the new babies!

  2. Kiwi & Cara, looks like both are having a gala time.

  3. they are adorable - and they look so big now - crazy how fast they grow up.

  4. Thanks all! And yes, they look so different from when they were 3-4 weeks!

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  6. Hi there, I just love your blog! Congrats on the kittens, I too have a new kitten and a year 6 year old too. I also have a cat blog, with a similar title:
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  7. please post more about the further adventures of Kiwi and Cara!! it's good to share! :)