Monday, June 13, 2011

Handsome Cino

The Dolci's are killing us slowly with cuteness.  We're so enamored with all of them, it's going to be tough giving any of them up, and even tougher to decide which one(s) to adopt if we do!

Cino reminds me SO much of my first kitten love, Tigger.  He's very playful and snuggly.  He always bounces over whenever he sees me and loves to snuggle and nap with me.  He loves playing with toys, with his sisters, with random stuff laying around, even with the air.  It's so entertaining just to watch him, definitely better than TV!

oh, and did I mention his amazing looks?


  1. We can relate - fostering is wonderful, but so difficult when it is time to let them go!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. Glad to meet you all!! What an adorable group of kittens....

  3. Thanks guys! And yes, it's so hard to say goodbye to them Pip!