Thursday, May 26, 2011

Say Ciao to the Dolcis!

Jon and I were just in the Mediterranean for about a month, hence the lack of blog posts.  But we just got new kittens!  They're 4 weeks old but so tiny!  We've been fattening them up for the last couple days, but they're probably genetically small because their heads are proportional to their size.

I decided to name them the Dolcis because they are just the sweetest bunch.  They're all very loving, and will run (err.. wobble) over to me, then start purring when I pick them up for a snuggle session.

Here's the first, the unique Kiwi!  Have you ever seen a kitten with her coloring before?

next is our playful boy Cino (for Cappuccino)

and lastly, our tiny Cara (for Caramel, but also means "beloved" or "darling" in Italian)

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